Participating Clinics

MSQII-2 Cohort 1

  • Aaron E. Henry Health Services Center, Inc.

    Aurelia Jones-Taylor, CEO
    Clarksdale, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Pharmacy

  • Family Health Center, Inc.

    Rashad Ali, MD, JD, FACOG, CEO
    Laurel, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Pharmacy

  • Coastal Family Health Center

    Angel Greer, CEO
    Biloxi, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Pharmacy

  • Phillips Medical Clinic (2014-2015)

    Andrea Phillips, MD, Owner
    Jackson, MS (Private)
    Community Pharmacy – External

  • North Hills Family Medical Clinic (2014-2018)

    Chuck Reece, EVP, COO
    Meridian, MS (RHC)
    Hospital-Based Pharmacy

MSQII-2 Cohort 2

  • Access Family Health Services (2015-2018)

    Marilyn Sumerford, CEO
    Smithville, MS (FQHC)
    External Pharmacy – Walgreens & In-House Pharmacy

  • Acute Care and Family Clinic of Pontotoc, Inc.

    John Enlow, Owner
    Pontotoc, MS (RHC)
    External Pharmacy

  • Greater Meridian Health Clinic (2015-2017)

    Wilbert Jones, CEO
    Meridian, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Pharmacy

  • Community Health Aberdeen (Nina Jurney’s Family Practice) (2015-2018)

    Joe McNulty
    Newton, MS (RHC)
    Hospital-Based Pharmacy

  • Southeast Mississippi Rural Health Clinic (2015-2016)

    Dr. Geroldean Dyse, CEO
    Hattiesburg, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Pharmacy

MSQII-2 Cohort 3

  • Central Mississippi Health Services, Inc.

    Robert Smith, MD., Executive Director
    Jackson, MS (FQHC)
    Community Health Worker

  • G.A. Carmichael Family Health Center, Inc.

    James L. Coleman, Jr., Ph.D, CEO
    Canton, MS (FQHC)
    In-House Community Pharmacy & Community Health Worker

  • Glover Primary Care Clinic (2016-2018)

    Sarita Glover-Jackson, DNP, FNP-BC
    Durant, MS (Private)
    Community Health Worker

  • Mallory Community Health Center

    Rozell Chapman, III, MD., CEO
    Lexington, MS (FQHC)
    Community Health Worker